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Color Coded Mood Bar

The Color Coded Mood Bar is a Mod for Rimworld.

Color code each pawn's mood bar within the colonist bar based on their current mood.

Red: extreme mental break threshold
Orange: major mental break threshold
Yellow: minor mental break threshold
Gray: neutral mood
Light Blue: content
Green: happy


24-9-2017: Removed unnecessary error log messages.
18-11-2017: Updated for RimWord version 0.18.1722, and added content and happy mood colors.
4-5-2019: Updated for RimWorld version 1.0.2231.

24-2-2020: Updated for RimWorld version 1.1 (1.1 only, won't work on 1.0)
27-2-2020: Added outline box for break risks as previously extreme had such a small bar it was usually not visible.
29-2-2020: Added Mod Settings to allow changing the color of each threshold and disable the mental break outline box if needed.
01-3-2020: Fixed memory leak.


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