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Android Keyboard Extension

Android Keyboard Extension (AKE) is a system that allows you to use your old Android tablets to provide a macro keyboard that can control your Windows PC.

The Android app connects the the Windows machine and presents a grid (configurable size) of buttons that when pressed will run the macro on the windows machine.

The windows app runs in the background and is used to configure the virtual keyboards (multiple tablets(or phones) can be used to control one Windows machine).

The macros can be configured to run a queue of:

Key Combinations (including separate key up and downs and includes all keys that windows supports, for example F13-24)
Strings (to type strings without having to use individual key presses)
Mouse Clicks
Shell Commands
Plugins (support for .net class dlls that run a function with a string parameter)

The keyboard it self allows:

Text Labels (configurable colour for text and background)
Animated Gifs
Plugins (dynamic images can be sent from the windows machine, the example I created sends an image of the current ram/cpu usage once per second)
Separate keyboards per windows app that switches automatically as you switch apps in windows
Multiple pages (navigated using either swiping or buttons that would appear more hierarchical)


It should be noted, while I have tested this myself, I wouldn't class this as fully tested and should be considered to be in Alpha/Beta stage.
While I have made it so that the Android device can dim the screen when not in use (time controlled by Android), there is a good possibility of screen burn if used for long periods. I would recommend using a cheap, dedicated device that you don't really care about. I made the Android app so that it would work on Android versions down to 4.2 (Jelly Bean), and a cheap Jelly Bean Android tablet can be picked up new for less than £40.


Windows App:
Android App:


I have created an example plugin and have included the source code below.
The project includes 3 plugins:
TestPlugin1 is just a test plugin that is a very simple example of how a basic plugin can work.
CPUMonitorPlugin and MemMonitorPlugin are a couple of plugins that don't do anything when pressed (though could), but instead report the PC's current CPU and memory to the Android keyboard.

How To Install:

Windows (AKEPC): Android (AKEapk):

How To Use: (Warning, wall of text ahead)